Kim Mason’s Story

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National Consultant

Westfield, New York is a very small but charming place, best known as the the hometown of 11-year-old Grace Bedell, who once advised political candidate Abraham Lincoln to grow his beard to improve his appearance and his chances of winning the 1860 Presidential election.

It’s also the current hometown of another woman wisely giving advice to men and women to improve their chances of winning in life.  Kim Mason rose from small-town family bookkeeper to entrepreneur and leader of the fastest growing team in the world’s largest direct selling energy company.  And she couldn’t even be her own customer.

It takes vision and courage to sell your business of 25 years and start a new one. But that’s what Jim and Kim Mason did, and they’ve begun a new life thanks to Ambit Energy.

Raised in a town of about 600, Jim started his own landscaping business at a young age.  Kim was bookkeeper for the family business, grew up an “Army Brat” and was used to moving every few years.

As their landscaping business grew, so did their family – with the arrival of daughters Kazlin and Halee, and their son Ryan. But hard work took its toll and Jim often worked long nights, weekends and holidays.

During a trip to Charlotte, NC, Jim and Kim agreed to re-prioritize and re-evaluate things. They followed their instincts and sold their 25-year old landscaping business so they could take a chance on a new business opportunity with a company they had recently been introduced to – Ambit Energy.

“I Think We Need to Do This”
The Masons were introduced to Ambit by friends Greg and Beth Korcyl. Greg just handed Jim a Success magazine and told him to “take it home and let Kim read it.” Kim read through the magazine and played the DVD in bed – and couldn’t fall asleep. She kept poking Jim: “I think we need to do this.”

What impressed them the most about Ambit was not having a product to sell. Having tried another network marketing business years before, they recognized how Ambit was different. Jim was struck by the outstanding income potential, and had never heard of another direct selling business that enabled people to “buy their life back.”

A Fast Start
Jim and Kim were “big thinkers” and committed to try Ambit full-time for three months, with the goal of sponsoring one person per month. After 28 days they promoted to RC right in the middle of the winter holidays. Two months later, they reached SC.

The Masons remember EC Chris Atkinson inviting them to dinner before a presentation and asking, “So, when will you be Executive?” Chris made them realize they could do it, and they worked with whoever would let them until the business took off.

Reaching EC in 9 months was their goal and motivation, and they knew the only way to get there was to help their team, which now also includes all three of their children.

“We love this business compared to what we had to do to be successful in the past,” says Kim. “This is a walk in the park! We love to hear the ‘dings’ on our cell phones and know that another person is about to change their life.”

In 2014, Kim and Jim promoted to National Consultants and joined Ambit Energy’s Millionaire Club, achieving over $1 million dollars in earnings in less than 4 years in business.  As leaders of the fastest growing team in all of Ambit, they have achieved repeated honors, including 2013 Crystal Sphere and 2014 Pacesetter Award winners, earned multiple 5-Star Trips, and most recently were honored at Ambition 2014 with the Co-Founders’ Impact Award which honors the consultant who has had the biggest impact on the Ambit business in the past year.

We congratulate Kim Mason for inspiring other Ambit Women by leading with her example.  She is proof that Ambit works for those who work it and she’s helping other women change their life and buy back their time by earning financial freedom through the Ambit Opportunity.

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