Capitalizing on the Ambit Opportunity

Jere Thompson Jr Ambit EnergyWhen asked by a young, female university student ‘which industry will produce the next Bill Gates,’ the legend himself said, “energy is an exciting industry that will create great careers in the decades ahead.”  Warren Buffet said “energy deregulation will create the greatest transfer of wealth history has ever seen.”  And Jack Welch said “energy deregulation will be bigger than the Internet.”  No doubt about it — energy offers an excellent income opportunity.  But how can we become part of the energy industry and start benefitting from it?

By partnering with Ambit Energy, America’s finest and most respected retail energy provider and the largest direct selling energy provider in the world.  Ambit’s record-setting growth and outstanding success in their first 7 years of business is largely the result of a person to person marketing model, proven to work exceptionally well in today’s highly connected world.  And who excels better at person to person marketing than women?  Ambit Energy is an ideal opportunity for entrepreneurial women.  And the best part?  They’re just getting started.  The impressive success experienced during the first 7 years is expected to duplicate over the next 2-3.  It’s an incredible opportunity for those who recognize the opportunity and step into it.  Most women are looking for ways to create a growing income stream that allows greater freedom, flexibility & control with our time, talent, and earning potential.  Ambit Energy is the best opportunity we’ve found to do so quickly and inexpensively.  See why Ambit works by watching the video below:

Read the stories of women who have already found tremendous success with Ambit Energy.  Ambit Energy customers save money each month on their electricity and natural gas bills.  Some earn free energy every month.  Ambit Energy Consultants save and earn — from free energy and commissions for enrolling a few customers, all the way up to million dollar earnings from building a large team of consultant who gather customers you benefit from.  And much of that earning is paid through passive, recurring commission checks paid every month.  Helping people save on a bill they already pay has helped Ambit Energy Independent Marketing Consultants earn significant income.  It’s a win/win model everyone can feel good about — and it’s driven the phenomenal success of Ambit Energy. Join us — and let energy empower great things for you, your family, and the community you live in.  Contact the person who sent you to our website or complete the contact information below to get started or learn more.