Million Dollar Women’s Club

One Million Dollar Growth — And Still Growing!

Meet the women who make it happen and prove that women can rock an energy business.  Several Ambit Women have joined the Million Dollar Ambit Women’s Club with  earnings of $1 million or more.  While most started in Texas, the state Ambit first began, Ambit Women millionaires are beginning to pop up in other states too.  That’s because Ambit makes it easy to do business from anywhere, with online tools and simple ways to share the business with your  ‘ambit’ of influence everywhere.

While these women prove that making a million or more is achievable with Ambit Energy, thousands of other women have earned five and six figure incomes, achieving the financial freedom they were looking for.  Others’ Ambit income pays their mortgage and/or car payment, their college debt, or contribute to a worthy cause.  Whatever your ‘why’ for starting a business of your own, Ambit can help you get there.  

(If yellow’s not your ideal color, make $5 million or more with Ambit and you can trade that yellow jacket for purple — 5 consultants, including Chris and Debbie Atkinson, have already earned their purple ‘$5 Million in Earnings’ jacket too.) These are amazing accomplishments in such a short time, but we’re just getting started.  Ambit’s growth means more women business owners will grow to a million and more, too.  Let’s put your picture here soon.

We salute The Million Dollar Ambit Women Club — women who have seized opportunities in energy by capitalizing on deregulation through the Ambit Opportunity.  In doing so, they designed a future of financial freedom for themselves and the families they love, while leading the way for so many others.  They inspire Ambit Woman everywhere to not only see what’s possible — but to achieve it.


National Consultant

Kim Mason – National Consultant from New York

Kim Mason, a dietician and former teacher of special needs children, is part of a dynamic duo that leads Ambit’s fastest growing team.  When a friend gave her husband Jim a Success From Magazine, Kim read it front to back and couldn’t sleep.  She told Jim, “I think we need to do this.”  And ‘do this,’ they did.  In under 4 years, they went from new Marketing Consultant to National Consultant, Crystal Sphere, Pacesetter, and Co-Founder’s Impact Award winners, Millionaire Club members, and the #9 income income earners in Ambit Energy.  Read Kim’s story.

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Executive Consultant

Missy Ulinger – Executive Consultant from New York

Missy’s achievement in the Million Dollar Ambit Women happened in early 2015.  In addition to raising five children, Missy manages her family’s 2,500 gallon-per-year maple syrup farm, a  landscaping business and rental properties, along with her husband Tim, who also is a full-time police officer.  The ability to build a business with flexible time, worked perfectly for this busy family of 7.  With family-approved sacrifices and a focused commitment, their family goal for financial freedom, time freedom and more time together, has come true, thanks to the opportunity they found with Ambit Energy.  Especially inspiring, is that Missy and Tim worked their business from one of rural Western New York’s smallest farming communities — where cows and cornfields outnumber people — proving that if you can succeed from here, you can succeed from anywhere.

Esther Spina National Consultant

National Consultant

Esther Spina –National Consultant from Texas

As the first female Million Dollar Club member, Esther Spina has discovered the financial freedom that energy can create.  And like many of the Ambit Women Million Dollar Club members who followed her, Esther’s drive to succeed is inspired by her role as a mom.  ”It’s one thing as a parent to accomplish your goals and achieve financial freedom yourself, but it’s more gratifying to watch as your children reach it too.  My two sons, both consultants, have exceeded their expectations and found true financial freedom,” Esther says.  “It is extremely unusual to have multiple family members so high up in any network marketing company – and each of us started at the absolute bottom, with no network marketing experience to our names!  That’s only something Ambit can do.”

Debbie Atkinson National Consultant

National Consultant

Debbie Atkinson – National Consultant from Texas

Debbie Roy Atkinson was working two jobs, 60 hours a week as a registered nurse at a hospital emergency room.  Her life changed forever when Chris Atkinson called to show her the Ambit Opportunity.  Debbie recalls, “I was so busy making a living, I didn’t have a life.  I told Chris I had no time to do this, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer.”  She eventually gave in and started her Ambit business to earn a few extra hundred dollars per month.  That was easily done in 2 months.  Then she wanted to replace her nursing income so she could retire and do Ambit full-time.  That was done in 6 months.  Now she gets to do whatever she wants.  “Our family is able to take more vacations, thanks to Ambit Energy….quality time that we will always cherish.”  Debbie says, “On a daily basis I meet people that are struggling financially.  I want to help them become successful in Ambit and earn additional income for their family.  It really warms my heart when I know I am helping them financially and making a difference.”  On January 11, 2014, Debbie Atkinson ‘retired’ her yellow jacket when she became the first woman in Ambit Energy to join the Purple Jacket Club, indicating earnings of over $5 million.  After joining Ambit Energy, Debbie married husband Chris.  They combined their businesses to become the most successful couple in the business.

Mary Amoedo Executive Consultant

Executive Consultant

Mary Amoedo – Executive Consultant from Texas

Before joining Ambit Energy, Mary said “no” many times to her friend, Terri.  “She saw my husband and I working 60 and 70 hours a week in our mortgage business, which had recently quadrupled in income. We were traveling all over the country and had no time for our two kids. Terri wanted a better quality of life for us.”The Amoedos had been looking for a way out of their mortgage business, but had no idea that this was a bonafide business.  “We started making lots of money quickly. And we found out it’s easy and it’s fun! I love it!”

Regina Gail Executive Consultant

Executive Consultant

Regina Gail – Executive Consultant from Texas

The early days of single motherhood hit Regina Gail hard as she found her time, emotions and finances completely overextended. “My power was cut off and later my business and house were taken away,” she says. “Pathetically, my fondest memory back then involved huddling with my children in the darkness and making hand shadows on the wall by candlelight.” Little could Regina have imagined back in those dark days that she would eventually make a fortune with a service she could ill afford at the time, electricity, teach others to do the same and share her abundance with her grown children all via Ambit.  Read Regina’s Story 

Jill Tran, Executive Consultant from Texas

National Consultant

Jill Tran – National Consultant from Texas

Jill too, is a brand new addition to the Ambit Women Millionaire Club, having just received her yellow jacket at Simulcast 2015 in January.  Jill married into Ambit Energy when she became the wife of Thien Bui, who moved to the USA from Vietnam, along with his five siblings. He soon became a high school Spanish teacher in Plano, Texas and loved his job, but, lived in a small apartment and struggled to make ends meet on a teacher’s salary.  With mounting car payments, rent, student loans and other bills, he was open to hearing about an alternative way to make income when a friend from church invited him to look at Ambit.  It instantly made sense to him, because it was electricity and natural gas, something everyone uses every day.  His business grew very slowly at first, until meeting and marrying Jill sparked a renewed commitment that fueled their collective success.  When their son was born, it further strengthened their resolve and led to an unstoppable momentum that has offered their family a life full of blessings.  Together, they are using their Ambit business to fund their parents’ retirement, create a college fund for their young son, and travel the world.

Sherri Title National Consultant

National Consultant

Sherri Title – National Consultant from Texas

Working as a paralegal for nearly 20 years, Sherri Title knows what hard work is. And the people skills she developed while working with lawyers and clients were the perfect training for her second career with Ambit Energy.  “When Ambit was introduced to me, I was working for a venture capital firm,” says Sherri. “Justin Title was my boyfriend at the time, and he asked me to be his first customer.” (She signed up on the spot without even asking the rate!)  And after she agreed to sign up, Sherri soon realized that they were onto something big.  “I really liked that I could start my Ambit business while still working full-time,” says Sherri. “I thought this would be a great way to build a business where I could eventually work from home full-time.” In the beginning, Sherri had no expectations – so she was caught completely by surprise at how quickly her business was growing and how much money she was earning with Ambit.  “No one expected it to be as big as it is – my results have far exceeded my expectations.”  She is very proud of the people she has been brought on board with Ambit. “I have an incredible team, and without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

Tiffany Owen Executive Consultant

Executive Consultant

Tiffany Owen – Executive Consultant from Maryland

Tiffany is a single mom who joined Ambit in the early days when there were no consultant websites, presentations or business tools.  In 2008, she sold her real estate business to build Ambit full-time.  Then she was diagnosed with lupus and was sidetracked for almost two years.  But because of the residual income stream she has already built with Ambit, she practically was able to take off for two years to get well.  Today, Tiffany is determined to help as many people as she can to get to the level of success she has achieved.  ”It’s not about the money any more — it’s about getting people free of stressing over money so they can spend more time with their families.”

Debbie Heckendorn

Executive Consultant

Debbie Heckendorn, Executive Consultant

Debbie Burrell-Heckendorn was already a successful business owner before she discovered Ambit. She had built a successful career in real estate, yet despite investing years in developing a network of clients and contacts,Debbie still worried about having enough money to pay for her daughter’s education and fund a comfortable retirement.  “My ‘Why’ has always been my daughter. Because of AMBIT she is majoring in Fashion at one of the Top Three universities in the US. She was able to go to Florence,Italy to study abroad and is living her dream.”  And AMBIT gave Debbie more than just a successful career. It’s given her a new family. She met her husband Bruce through Ambit and dated two years before marrying.  Now her ‘Why’ is to create a legacy for her enlarged family so that her grandkid’s kids will never have to worry about anything.

Karen Kirkland National Consultant

National Consultant

Karen Kirkland, National Consultant from Florida

“The true measure of a man or woman is the amount of adversity it takes to discourage them.”  The Perseverance Award at Ambit Energy is named for Karen’s husband, Ronny Kirkland.  Facing major health challenges, Ronny and Karen saw Ambit as a way to care for their family beyond his time on earth,  and this dynamic duo put their ‘never quit’ attitude to work with a focused commitment.  They persevered until Ronny’s health would force him to stop — yet their Ambit business never did.  The growing residual income it created allowed them to retire to Mexico Beach, Florida and enjoy their final days together.  In 2013, Ronny went to his heavenly home, but the business he and Karen started in 2006, continues to take care for her and their family today.  “Chris Chambless said we get paid for what we start,” Ronny infamously says in his inspiring video.  “If you have a total focus on doing the things Ambit pays you to do — which is locate, educate and motivate ambitious people — then you can change your future and your families’ future for generations to come.”  The Kirklands have proved that true.