Why Women-Owned Businesses Are Booming

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11 Reason’s The Outlook For Women Entrepreneurs is Coming Up Roses

Women entrepreneurs could boost the economy in a way that hasn’t been seen since women entered the workforce in mass numbers in the 20th century, according to Sources of Economic Hope: Women’s Entrepreneurship, a report by the Kauffman Foundation, which researches and advocates for entrepreneurship.  Read the Forbes article.

Kaufmann Foundation for EntrepreneurshipWomen In Entrepreneurship

New networks and better capital can help women entrepreneurs overcome the barriers they have encountered along their entrepreneurial path.  See reports from the Kauffman Foundation on support and findings focused on female entrepreneurs.


A Breakout Year For Women Entrepreneurs

While women in the upper echelons of corporate America are singing the same old  tune, “Still No Progress After Years of No Progress,” female entrepreneurs have something to rejoice about.  The number of $10-million-plus women-owned firms increased by 57% — a growth rate nearly 50% more than $10-million-plus firms overall.  Some of the 11 reasons women entrepreneurs will crack glass are common to all women and others are unique to entrepreneurs.  Read the Forbes article 

ForbesThe Year of the Woman Entrepreneur

A recent article in Forbes Magazine gives 10 reasons why ‘The Year of the Woman Entrepreneur’ is upon us. Along with the growth of the Internet and home-based entrepreneurship, the push to bring women into male-dominated industries has opened opportunities for women that didn’t previously exist—and opened millions of young women’s eyes to the opportunity. Case in point: a Sage study showing half of all women 18-24 want to launch their own ventures.  Women 2.0 co-founder Shaherose Charania makes a good case:

“It’s a good time to start a business, regardless of gender, so it’s an opportune time to encourage women to take the leap. Startup costs have come down, and open source approaches enable individuals who don’t necessarily have an extensive technical background to become part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Despite the recession, funding is available and accessible, and, overall, the barriers to entrepreneurship are relatively low.”

Read the Forbes article. 

Forbes WomanFORBES: Entrepreneurship is the New Women’s Movement

A quiet revolution is taking shape right now among women. Unlike the revolution that began in the 1970s which saw women leave the home and enter the workforce in droves, women today are leaving the workforce in droves in favor of being at home. But unlike generations of women before, these women are opting to work in the home not as homemakers—but as job-making entrepreneurs.

Read the Forbes article. 

Women Owned BusinessWomen’s Increased Income Drives Family & Community Well-Being

According to a recent an article in the Harvard Business Review, women reinvest a staggering 90 cents of every additional dollar of income in “human resources” — their families’ education, health, nutrition, compared to 30-40% for men.  Think of women’s increased income and assets as a gender dividend driving family, community and country wellbeing.  Entrepreneurial activity creates growth and prosperity — and solutions for social problems. And today’s trends show that women will be a driving force of entrepreneurial growth in the future.

Read the Harvard Business Review article. 

Women Are Capitalizing on Energy

When asked by a young, female university student ‘which industry will produce the next Bill Gates,’ the legend himself said, “energy is an exciting industry that will create great careers in the decades ahead.”  Warren Buffet said “energy deregulation will create the greatest transfer of wealth history has ever seen.”  And Jack Welch said “energy deregulation will be bigger than the Internet.”  No doubt about it — energy offers an excellent income opportunity.  But how can we become part of the energy industry and start benefitting from it?  Learn how.

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